The Smok Pen – A Vaporizer Without the Taste

smok pen

The Smok Pen – A Vaporizer Without the Taste

The SMOK Pen is a revolutionary electronic writing device, which produces a fine line of flavored vapor. For those who do not know, SMOK stands for SmokeAlive, and this product is an attempt to create a cigarette alternative that tastes much like the real thing. This product is very similar to Nicorette, an electric cigarette that also makes a flavored vapor. However, rather than releasing nicotine, SMOK releases flavors produced from all kinds of natural ingredients, such as for example Cayenne pepper, orange peel, ginger ale, and also chocolate.

The innovative design of the SMOK Pen makes it simple to use. The pen has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that provides you several hours of usage on a single charge. The complete unit weighs approximately three and a half ounces, so it’s compact and convenient to carry around. The unique and new design also means that it does not hinder computer or cellular phone operation.

The first impression of the SMOK Pen will be that it looks a lot like a pen. It has a smooth stainless steel body, which is tapered to give it the appearance of a pen. The pen has two buttons, one for power and another for the flame, which is often used simultaneously. One side of the body has a rubberized grip, that allows you to hold onto it comfortably. The second side has an adjustable mouthpiece, which allows you to change how far you inhale from the mouthpiece. A plastic dome holds the flame set up, and the spring inside turns once you press down on the flame, much like a pen’s spring.

The largest difference between your Smok Pen and other pens is the build quality. Unlike other pen brands, that one is completely crafted from metal, which means that there is nothing else to collect and cause corrosion. The construction of this pen is indeed superior that it outmatches many other pens in both price and quality. Since it is made of metal, there is no need for a protective cap; therefore, it does not require an internal battery, and you also do not have to be worried about changing batteries or the hassle of getting a compatible charger.

The tank of the Smok Pen can be built to last. It can handle continuous use for many months before having to be replaced. It includes a durable, fully stainless steel build quality that won’t easily corrode. In addition, the Smok Pen has two heat settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature for your specific Juul Compatible Pods needs. The heat setting can are as long as a staggering 1600mah, making it perfect for those people who are on the go. There is also a built-in power port, which connects the battery to the power adapter without requiring any outside devices.

Among the best features of the Smok vaporizer pen is its temperature control. This is an essential feature for some e-juices or other liquid products. With the temperature control, you can precisely control the amount of vaporization, enabling you to enjoy only the freshest e-liquid or liquid product. Gleam backlight, which allows one to see wherever your heating element is situated, so you do not waste time looking for it.

The Smok Pen has two standard sizes, one which fits the entire pen, and one that fit the Smok’s small 0.3-ohm coil. This means that whichever size you choose, you can always get the most vaporization possible. When selecting the Smok Pen, be sure you select a charger that can be used with this pen. The built in charger has the ability to charge your battery completely, but if you want to charge your battery overnight, you may need a separate charger. Because the unit has a built in heat up coil, make sure to keep it from the fire or heat sources, such as for example your lighter or matches, as these can overheat the oil and cause the device to shut off, or even to malfunction.

While the standard Smok Pen has a massive amount vaporizing power, the new versions have a larger, more efficient dual-fire coil. A fresh, larger, dual-fire coil helps to maximize vaporization while giving you superior flavor and throat hit. By combining the strongest parts of the Smok Pen, the upgraded sub-ohm part and the larger dual-fire coil, the Smok Pen is now able to produce a lot more intense flavors and vapors, rendering it the bestselling pen for both its efficiency and its own taste!